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At Pooch we offer a home-style boarding experience for your hound.

Furry family members are treated to some exciting hikes, beach walks, adventure runs (provided they are the correct age), and plenty of play sessions at POOCH. Apart from this they will follow our daily routine of set meal times, play sessions, stimulating games, and nap times.
POOCH provides a brilliant environment for supervised socialization which is crucial for a happy, well-adjusted pet.


Basic Boarding Prices: 

One Dog

R250 per night

Two Dogs

R380 per night

Three Dogs

R500 per night


  • 5-10 nights: 5% off
  • 11-16 nights: 10% off
  • 16-22 nights: 15% off
  • 23+ nights: 20% off

* Please note we require a doggy date to assess your dogs compatibility for the POOCH experience prior to booking them in, please follow the steps of "Becoming a Pooch Pup" below. Please be honest about your dog’s behavior and socialization so that we know best how to accommodate you.

Our space has been customized with your dogs in mind.

POOCH daycare is run from our 1000sqm property with sectioned play areas for different types of dogs. 

We have a doggy deck, play pen, shady nap space, loads of room for zoomies, and safe perimeters. We also have some doggy pools for the water babies, and enjoy sharing our couch space with cuddle bugs.

The separate play areas often come in handy with enthusiastic play times, but generally we allow the dogs to move around freely and take careful note of how your dog is coping.

You can expect feedback and updates throughout the day (we know you miss them!)

A fun day out in a safe and supervised environment will guarantee you a very happy hound.


Once-off / Casual play-day :  R170

Days per Week

1 dog

2 dogs


R160 (R640)

R280 (R1120)


R160 (R1280)

R280 (R1120)


R150 (R1800)

R240 (R2880)


R140 (R2240)

R220 (R3520)


R130 (2600)

R200 (R4000)

Apart from having completed clicker training courses and various enrichment programs we have volunteered at several shelters both during our time overseas and in South Africa.
We have hands-on experience rehabilitating timid, abused, and nervous dogs, and have raised & trained over 35 rescued dogs of different breeds and ages.

Training and socializing your dog is a very smart move for both of you. In fact, not training your dog is doing them a massive disservice.

Clicker training and positive reinforcement methods are extremely effective and fun while also being hard work for you both but the rewards of a happy, obedient companion are well worth it.

Training provides mental and physical stimulation and endurance, creates a super strong bond, and it is a very important part of being a responsible, safe family for your fluff. Your dogs will love being trained. 

Think of it as teaching your dog a language that allows the two of you to communicate happily.

 * Private training, Board & Train, and Training walks are available. 

Contact for a consultation.

Cape Town is full of all the coolest adventures just waiting to be thoroughly explored. Let us fetch your dog for some solid exercise and socializing. You are also invited to join our POOCH-Pack community and hit the hiking trails with us. 

Monthly POOCH-Pack Human and Hound membership fees:

R600 p/month for you to join us WITH your dog/s. 

Your monthly fees give you access to:

  • Up to 3 planned, early morning group hikes/walks a week.
  • Training tips for walking with your dog while on hikes.
  • Meet other dog-loving locals. 
  • Special Fundraisers and Social events for you & your pooch.

Monthly POOCH-Pack membership Dogs Only fees:

  • Pick-up and drop-off from Camps Bay, Llandudno, Hout Bay, Constantia.

1 adventure a week

R600 p/m

2 adventures a week

R1100 p/m

3 adventures a week

R1500 p/m

Becoming a Pooch Pup

Play Date

Step 1
We require all new clients to come over for a 30min-1hour playdate before we will accept you into day-care, boarding, or pack walks. This allows us to meet you, chat and answer any questions you have, but also assess your dog and make sure they will be happy at Pooch.

Confirm Dates
& times

Step 2
Book your pup/s in by completing the admissions form and signing the indemnity forms (downloadable from this site). Email them back to us, and wait for your confirmation email with a pack-list and invoice.

Pay Deposit

Step 3
Super important! When you get to Pooch please let us know that you’re outside so we can get the other dogs calm and comfortable before letting you in. We encourage you to let your dog off leash and allow them to sniff around in peace before we let one dog out at a time to meet you and your pup/s.

Download Forms

*Please note: It’s very important to read through the indemnity forms thoroughly. We consider the safety of all animals in our care of the utmost importance and expect our POOCH community to all be on the same page.

Frequently Asked Question's

  • Collar/harness and leash (please arrive on leash)
  • dog food and bowl
  • doggy bed/blanket ( we have plenty but the familiarity of it helps our furry buddies settle in faster)
  • Vet Book  and signed indemnity forms if not emailed.

We can only accept well socialized dogs at POOCH Daycare. The playdate allows us to meet you and do a casual assessment of you dog's behaviour/manners, anxiety levels, & recall/responsiveness, so that we can be sure they will be comfortable with us, and cope in the POOCH setup. 
Should your dog display any aggression, excessive fear, hyper-sensitivity, dangerous reactivity, or other disproportionate stress response we will not be able to accept them for boarding or daycare, but please consult us about possibly assisting you with training. 

Our aim through POOCH is to provide quality care for each dog that stays or plays here. Limiting the number of our guests allows us the ability to provide individual attention, and more careful supervision to your dogs. 

A dog that has been frequently exposed to multiple people, places, animals, and situations over a long period of time generally results in a well-socialized dog. 
What this means is your dog can cope well with its surroundings, adapt to new situations reasonably easily, knows how to approach, greet, and appropriately play with other dogs, and isn't fearful. 

Most of the time, yes, but not every dog is the same and for some dogs, daycare can be very scary. It can be overwhelming or even trigger behaviour problems in some characters, so please be sure to consult us if you have any queries or concerns. 
Most of the time, when introduced to daycare correctly, it will be the new highlight of your doggy's day, and is beneficial for their social, mental, and physical health. 

Nap, Nap, Play, Nap