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What is Pooch?

  • A doggy daycare, home-style boarding, and training space for dogs.
  • A foster-home for rescued doggies looking for loving homes (chat to us if you’re looking to adopt). 
  • A socially responsible family business, we support local animal rescue shelters.
  • A community you can join for dog-friendly adventures
  • Your dog’s favourite place
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Our Story

Pooch was born from a fundraising initiative we began in 2013 while living in South Korea and working in the animal rescue community. We rescued 35 neglected and abused dogs while overseas and the cost of fostering and rehoming them was often beyond what we could afford, with some dogs requiring extensive medical treatments, or surgeries. Our solution? We sold baked goods, and the community supporting us knew that 100% of the profit from their purchases would go toward saving animals lives. We called called this little fundraising factory “The Sweet Life”.

While living abroad in tiny spaces we realized the need for dual-function furniture, it had to work for us, but also for our foster dogs. Integrating their needs into our space in a fun and functional way was the challenge that inspired our POOCH custom products. We also completed some training courses to help enrich the dogs in shelters we visited, and to help our foster fuzzes find homes faster. We gained a lot of experience flying dogs around the world due to international adoptions, and emigrating clients. All of these experiences are what lead us to where we are today.

Fast forward to 2020, after moving back to beautiful Cape Town, we are now living our dream of running a doggy business. With a slightly different modus operandi (and of course a cute new name to avoid five new orders of Caramel Cranberry Fudge in our inbox every day) POOCH offers a variety of pet services and products, all of which donate a minimum of 5% profit to various shelters, sterilization campaigns, and animal rescue operations in South Africa. We’re firm believers in kindness and hope to make the world a kinder place for all those living in it (little lives included!).

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