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Adopt Prince

We are currently fostering Prince and would love to find his forever home!

Prince is a goofy, protective, cuddle bug. He is loyal & gentle with those he trusts. He needs stability, a calm home environment, regular exercise, and patient people who will give him the time he needs to trust them. 

Open the block below to find out all about him.

Name: Prince
Shelter: DARG 

Age: Unknown, but young and full of beans

Health: Good (might need some dental work)

Character: Goofy, playful, cuddly, anxious, fearful of strangers, loyal, gentle with those he trusts.

Prince is a goofy, protective, cuddle bug. Let's get the tough stuff out the way...he came to POOCH severely anxious. He was on chronic meds, clearly very scared of new people, especially men. He has nipped before out of fear, not aggression, and in stressful situations, he has peed inside. He barks when he is excited, and he barks when he is scared... there are many things that scare him. The more he trusts his human, the more he looks to them for his confidence and has become a much braver boy in our home, but he will always be a much more sensitive dog than most. 

Phew... so if you made it through all that and you're still reading I think you might have a shot a being Prince's forever person. Those are literally his worst qualities, and his goodness far outweighs his fear. 

Prince plays with toys, loves bounding around like a goofball chasing kongs, balls, ropes, or carrots (yes... carrots! he eventually eats them). He is exceptional with other dogs. ALL other dogs. Big dogs, tiny dogs, old dogs, grumpy dogs. He "reads the room" well, and responds appropriately 98% of the time (barring some angry sounds he makes when over-excited which sometimes scares other dogs). He cuddles up with the people he trusts and is very loyal. Prince does well in the car, in elevators, in small apartments, and off-leash at dog parks, as long as he is with his trusted person... but he might run and bark at runners/joggers. He is not an off-leash dog, but he will make a great running buddy for someone willing to run with him on the leash (he jogs with me already).  

He would do really well with a chilled human or couple, preferably with another dog or two in the family, especially young active dogs (he will tire them out for you nicely). He does not cope well around young kids and needs a family willing to be patient and allow him 2-6months to settle in and come out of his shell. 

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